This knowledge article will provide you with the steps to unbox your TytoDevice and the different parts included in the box

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What's in the TytoCare Box

  1. Tyto Device - Includes an LCD touch screen, main processing unit, rechargeable battery, camera, illumination, sensors, and connector which is used to mount the add-on devices, and which is held when taking an exam.
  2. Stethoscope - Add-on for heart and lungs auscultations and measurement of heart rate
  3. Otoscope - Add-on for ears exam
  4. Tongue Depressor - Optional tool for throat exam, including a reusable holder and blades. Blades are provided in the box in 2 sizes (not shown in the picture):
    • 10 adult tongue depressor blades
    • 10 child tongue depressor blades
  5. Tray - Holder for the device and add-ons. To be used during examinations
  6. Disposables (not shown in picture):
    • 10 adult disposable ear specula
    • 10 child disposable ear specula
  7. Carrying Case - Stores and keeps the entire TytoPro™ product, including the Tyto device, add-ons, and disposables. Note that there is a designated place on the case top to be used as a mobile stand, to hold an iPhone during the examination and online virtual visit.
  8. Charger - Used to charge Tyto device. If not connected or charged, please install it into the charger box before use.
  • The proprietary G1 charger is equipped with a 110-240 Volt adaptor plug.

  • The G2 charger is a USB-C cable.


  • The device comes pre-charged. If it does not power on, connect the charging cable to Tyto to charge it. Remove the rubber band and connect the charging cable to the charging outlet.
  • You cannot perform exams during the charging process. It is recommended to charge the battery before use fully.
  • When the device is charging:
    • For G1 an orange LED indicator will display. When fully charged, the LED indicator will change to green.
    • For G2 a purple LED indicator will display. When fully charged, the LED indicator will change to blue.
  • Store the device charged, and re-charge it once every 3 months. Storing the device when the battery is drained may shorten battery life.
  • Be sure to connect the charging cable to the charging outlet (see images below). For the G1 device be sure not to plug the charging cable into the headphones outlet, which is nearby and larger.



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