This knowledge article will provide steps to pair the TytoCare App and Device

TytoCare App pairing process:

Pair the TytoApp to your Tyto Device. For your Tyto Device to communicate with the TytoApp, you need to pair it. You will use your home Wi-Fi Internet whenever using the TytoApp, so please make sure the smartphone or tablet you are using is connected to your home Wi-Fi and that you are in a location where the signal is strong (e.g., close to the router).

Please have your home Wi-Fi password available as you will need it to complete the pairing process.

It is always preferred that you use your home Wi-Fi Internet connection when using Tyto, but if you need a backup or if you are traveling, you may use your smartphone as a hotspot Internet connection.

  • Step 1: The Device pairing screen will be displayed on the TytoApp. Enter your home Wi-Fi password and press Next (figure 1). If this screen is not displayed automatically, press the red pairing icon , located in the upper right corner of the App and the Device pairing screen will be displayed

Figure 1

  • Step 2: Turn on your Tyto Device using the on/off button on top of the Device. Press I have the App and Scan Barcode on the Device.
  • Step 3: Use the camera on the Tyto Device to scan the barcode on the TytoApp as shown below (figure 2). 

Figure 2

  • You should now see a green pairing status  in the upper right corner of the TytoApp on your iPhone or iPad. This  indicates that the TytoApp is successfully paired. On your Tyto Device screen you should see a connected icon  in the upper right corner of the Tyto Device screen. You are now ready to use TytoHome.

If pairing is unsuccessful, make sure the Wi-Fi password is correct and scan the barcode again. If the barcode screen on the Tyto Device does not appear automatically, swipe down on the screen and choose Pairing.

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