• Restart iPhone - Turn off your iPhone completely and turn in back on. A restart will usually clear a lot of basic problems that can crop up from day-today use of the iPhone. Please click here to see different steps to restart your iPhone
  • Quit and Relaunch the TytoCare App - Will stop all of the app's processes that are running and start from scratch
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the TytoCare App - Uninstalling and Reinstalling the TytoCare App will help refresh the installation and update the TytoCare App to the latest version. Please see below for steps to Uninstall and Reinstall TytoCare App
    • Completely remove the app from your Apple device
    • Reinstall TytoCare App by going to the App Store > Search "TytoCare" > Download
    • Open TytoCare App then login using your Tyto Username and Password
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