Cleaning and Disinfection instructions

The TytoCare Device and attachments should be disinfected before storage or in between uses.

All exterior surfaces of the TytoCare Device and attachments can be sanitized using standard 70% isopropyl/ethyl alcohol wipes/swabs. Make sure that the TytoCare Device is turned off before thoroughly wiping the Device’s exterior. Make sure that the wipe/swab is damp/not too wet and allow the components to air dry for at least 2 minutes before use.

To disinfect TytoCare Device accessories (otoscope, stethoscope, reusables/disposables) that come into contact with patients, you may use germicidal wipes/swabs such as:


Note: To maximize usage, the consumable specula and tongue depressor tips can be reused until their quality deteriorates. After each use, please ensure to clean the tips with 70% alcohol wipes or sterile swabs. Clinics should follow their respective regulatory policies regarding disposal.


To order replacements for the disposable ear specula and tongue depressor blades, please visit: TytoCare Shop Accessories

If you have any further questions, please contact TytoCare Customer Support via e-mail at or via phone at 866-971-8986 and select option 2 for support. 

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