Tyto Insights is a premium module that is currently available at no extra charge in the US and selected regions as of the release notes for version 6.5.

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What is a Wheeze?

  • Wheezing is the shrill, coarse whistling or rattling sound your breath makes when your airway is partially blocked.
  • Wheezing is more obvious when you breathe out (exhale) but can also be heard when you breathe in (inhale). The tone of the wheeze can vary depending on which part of the respiratory system is blocked or narrowed.
  • Anyone from infants to elderly adults can develop wheezing.
  • Children with asthma often develop it.
  • In adults, smokers and people with emphysema or heart failure are most prone to wheezing.
  • Common Causes: virus, bacteria, common cold, allergy, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis.

What does Wheeze sound like?

How does Tyto Insight work?

  • The Tyto Insights for Wheeze Detection are web-based AIs that are designed to aid in clinical assessments of lung auscultations and sound and data.
  • It analyzes the data by recording and listening to the recording of lung sounds and determining whether a wheeze is detected within that recorded sound data.
  • The Algorithm’s model being used is CRNN (Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network). The AI Algorithm was trained with recordings acquired by the real-world use of the compatible Tyto Stethoscope.

How does Tyto Insight for Wheeze Detection work?

  • Tyto Insights for Wheeze Detection for professional users in an online visit workflow.
    • Tyto Insights, TytoCare’s AI-powered decision support technology, now enables remote diagnoses to support clinicians in wheeze detection.
    • Clinicians can run a wheeze detection flow during a live video visit.

Clinician Station:

Sample screenshots on how wheeze detection works in an online visit.

  • Tyto Insights for Wheeze Detection for professional users in an offline workflow.
    • TytoPro Point of Care users can use Wheeze Insight seamlessly while taking lung exams of patients.

Point of Care:

Key Indications


  • Wheezing Detected - If the algorithm identified wheezing in the recording.
  • No wheezing detected - If the algorithm did not identify wheezing in the recording.
  • Analysis in progress - If the algorithm is still processing the recording and has not yet reached a conclusion.
  • Analysis Failed - If the algorithm is unable to analyze the recording due to technical issues or poor sound quality.


  • Is Tyto Insights™️ for Wheeze Detection enabled by default across all organizations?
    • This feature is not enabled by default. We need to first seek assistance from the account manager if this feature needs to be enabled for the specific organization.
  • How to check if Tyto Insights™️ for Wheeze Detection is enabled in a TytoCare cloud organization?
    1. On the admin dashboard, go to "Organization".
    2. Go to "Configurations".
    3. Go to "System Parameters".
    4. Search for "Enable clinician insights" and check if the value is "ON".
  • Why is Tyto Insights™️ for Wheeze Detection not intended for patients under the age of 2?
    • The age limitation is derived from the information that was included in the FDA submission. Clearing the device for ages under 2 requires a different type of FDA submission.
  • Why is Tyto Insights™️ for Wheeze Detection not intended for diagnostic purposes?
    • For patients and caregivers, the device serves as an "empowerment tool". Tyto Insights™️ for Wheeze Detection is cleared by the FDA as a medical device, and as such can only function under the limitation of the clearance. The Wheeze Detection clearance allows using the outcome of the AI algorithm for reference and validation, but not for diagnostic use.