This knowledge article will provide you steps to perform an Ear Exam with your TytoHome

Ear Exam

Step 1: Connect the Otoscope to the Tyto Device. Align blue dots for correct positioning.

Step 2: Place the Ear Cap on the Otoscope tip, and turn clockwise to secure. Two sizes are provided: adults and children (4mm) and children <3 years old (3mm).

Step 3: Select the Ears  exam. Select the first ear to be examined, left or right. Press Start on the Tyto Device to begin recording

Step 4: When you have visualized the eardrum (an image will be provided to you in the app) you can end the exam by pressing Stop to end the recording.

Step 5: Press Right Ear (or Left Ear) to continue recording the next ear, press Stop to end the recording, and then Done to finish the exam.

Step 6: When you return to the main exam screen on the Device, you will see the ear exam with a check mark next to it indicating that the exams have been captured. Clean the Otoscope lens with rubbing alcohol after use.

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