The DNS Lookup Widget tests the reachability and connectivity to a list of HTTPS or WSS addresses.

This test tries to connect to the servers used for the ongoing operation of the service (not necessarily directly linked to WebRTC) to make sure they are accessible from the browser.

If any of the addresses can’t be connected to, some or all parts of your service might not work for that user.

The test also checks and logs the time it takes to connect to the servers.

Data we collect and share

Connected Number of connected addresses out of the total that were attempted.
Average Connection Time The average time it took to connect to the servers.
Highest Connection Time The highest time it took to connect to one of the server.
Shortest Connection Time The shortest time it took to connect to one of the server.

Things to notice

  • If any of the addresses is unreachable, there’s a good chance the service won’t work
  • High connection times may indicate a routing issue
  • The log includes the details of the failed connection as well as connection times

DNS Lookup FAQ

What does a blocked DNS address means in the DNS Lookup widget?

It means that the DNS address could not be reached. It might have been resolved by a DNS server, but we couldn’t reach it to get it to respond in any way (a response can be either succeeding to connect or failing to connect).

How long do you try to connect to a DNS address?

There’s a timeout of 5 seconds. If we can’t reach it in that span of time we consider it blocked.
That 5 seconds includes the time it takes to resolve an IP address from the DNS address and to connect to it.

What do I do if DNS addresses are unreachable?

Check with your IT to see if that address needs to be whitelisted or has been blocked for some reason on your firewall rules.