This knowledge article will provide an overview pertaining your TytoHome Stethoscope

Before the exam, connect the stethoscope tip to TytoCare device using the blue dot guiding marks (please see image below):

Note: As the TytoCare Stethoscope is placed directly on the skin, please use wipes or cloth moistened with 70% disinfectant (Isopropyl / Ethanol) alcohol to disinfect. The membrane of the TytoCare Stethoscope (black surface touching the skin) before each use. Thoroughly wipe the membrane of the TytoCare Stethoscope and allow it for air dry for at least two minutes.

Exam Menu

To start one of the TytoCare Stethoscope exams, please select the relevant exam from the exams selection screen in the TytoCare device, as shown below:

TytoCare Device

The TytoCare Stethoscope tip is used to perform the following four types of exams:

  • The Lungs exam enables lungs auscultation, listening to both the front and the back of the body
  • The Heart exam enables heart auscultation
  • The Heart Rate exam measures heart rate

Performing the Exams

Heart Exam and Lungs Exam

To avoid confusion between left and right sides, in the Heart exam and the Lungs exam you will first be asked to confirm which is the patient’s right arm. This will help you in positioning the stethoscope correctly on the correct points. Then tap NEXT on the device. You will see a picture with the first measurement point highlighted on the screens of both the TytoCare device and the TytoCare App (please see image below).

When the TytoCare Stethoscope is positioned on the desired point, tap NEXT on the device to begin the recording.

TytoCare Device

TytoCare App

Using the TytoCare Stethoscope for Heart and Lungs

When using and placing the TytoCare Stethoscope on the body, please take special care to note the placement positioning — the left or right side — as indicated by the software.

When performing a lung exam on another person, you first perform the exam on the back of the patient’s body and only afterwards on the front, as guided by the software. During the lung exam, the person being examined should breathe in and out deeply and slowly.

  • Place the TytoCare Stethoscope firmly on the patient’s body at the indicated position. Place the device directly on the skin, if possible. Otherwise it may be used over thin clothing (e.g. a shirt).
  • Place the TytoCare Stethoscope in full contact with the patient’s body or clothing. Hold the TytoCare Stethoscope steady during recording, and don’t move the device until the countdown completes. Try to remain as quiet as possible, eliminating external sounds.


  • In order to achieve a high quality and clear recording of the lungs sound, please make sure the patient breathes deeply and slowly, through the mouth, and sits in an upright position. In addition, please make as little noise as possible during the exam, to prevent ambient noise from disturbing the lungs sound recording.
  • Please make sure that the surface of the TytoCare Stethoscope is parallel to the patient's skin, and the entire membrane touches the patient's skin. This is necessary to achieve strong signal strength.

Signal Strength

During the recording, a signal strength bar will be displayed, indicating the quality of your recording.

Try to keep the bar high and green.

If it turns yellow or isn’t displayed, check that you’re in the right spot and that Tyto is attached properly to the body.

Tyto will alert you If there are interfering noises during the recording, such as voices talking, device movement, lots of noise in the room, or if the device is pressed to hard against the body:

Speech Interferance

Improve Device Placement

Reduce Pressure

Move on to the Next Examination Point

Once the countdown is over and the point recording is complete, Tyto labels the point with a green label, and the exam moves automatically to the next measurement point in the sequence.

Continue until you complete all measurement points. There are four measurement points for the heart exam, and eight for the lungs exam: four on the front and four on the back.

Heart Exam [4 points]

Front and Back Body Lungs Exam [4 points]

Redoing an Examination Point

Once the countdown ends, Tyto analyzes the recording.

If the recording needs improvement, try again. Tyto will recommend how to improve.

Tap REDO to redo the same point.

You can also choose to move to the next point by tapping SKIP.

Heart Rate Exam

In the Heart Rate exam, place the TytoCare Stethoscope on the middle of the chest (on the sternum), as indicated on the TytoCare device and App. Tap START on the device to begin the exam.

Please conduct the exam silently, as speaking or other external noise may cause the measurement to fail.

During the 20-second exam, you will see an indication of the signal quality received by the system:

Poor signal quality

Good signal quality

Completing the Exam

Once you have collected data from all measurement points, tap  (DONE) to complete the exam.

Once done completing the exam, the exam type icon will have a green check mark indicator at the top. The Exams Screen buttons should also turn blue. At this point, you can choose to collect data for additional exams.

Completing the Visit

To complete the visit, please go to TytoHome Completing the Visit

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