iPhone - Bluetooth
There are instances where the external devices won't pair even if the Bluetooth functionality of the iPhone is turned on. It's possible that the iPhone is not allowing the TytoCare application to use Bluetooth due to application-specific permissions.

To enable this, kindly follow the following steps:

1. Open iOS Settings.

2. On your iPhone Settings page, scroll down until you get to the list of your installed applications.

3. Look for TytoCare.

Note: You may also use the search bar on your iOS Settings page.

4. Make sure that Bluetooth access for the TytoCare app is enabled. You may also check if you have enabled all the application-specific permissions for the TytoCare app to function properly.

5. Re-launch the TytoCare app and try to pair the External device/s again.


Android - Bluetooth

Android systems should automatically allow the TytoCare device to use Bluetooth. Please make sure that your mobile device's Bluetooth is turned on and allow/accept any connection prompt that will pop up while you pair external devices to the TytoCare app.

In case you are having application-specific permission issues and would want to double-check the permissions granted for the TytoCare app, especially if your Android device has the "Unused app settings" feature.
Unused app settings: this Android feature will automatically revoke permissions allowed for an application when not used in months. When this happens, you may encounter a system message popup asking you to re-allow the revoked permissions the next time you launch the TytoCare app.

If you happen to miss the system prompt or would like to check your TytoCare application's permission settings, please follow these steps:

1. Open Android Settings.

2. On the Android Settings page, choose Apps.

3. Look for the TytoCare app. You may also use the search bar provided.

4. On the TytoCare App info page, tap App Permissions.

5. On the App Permissions page, please make sure that all permissions are allowed for the TytoCare app to function properly.

6. Re-launch the TytoCare app and try to pair the External device/s again.